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Digital Consultancy

The basic definition of a digital marketing consultant is someone who is a highly skilled professional with specialist training in online marketing,

Brand Marketing

What is brand marketing? Brand marketing promotes your products or services in a way that highlights your overall brand.

Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring is a process wherein the supervisor ensures that the employee is progressing towards the goals and objectives established during goal setting.

Traffic Analytic

Analyze how businesses attract their website visitors and which other actors they are connected to. Break down competitors' digital strategies.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization, also known as conversion rate optimization, is the process of testing hypotheses on elements of your site with the ultimate goal of increasing the percentage of visitors who take the desired action.

Social Tracking

Performance monitoring is both an inherent and a key step in application development. The code development process does not stop when the program

Performance Monitoring Tool

Performance Monitoring Tool

Monitoring tools are used to continuously keep track of the status of the system in use, in order to have the earliest warning of failures, defects or problems and to improve them. There are monitoring tools for servers, networks, databases, security, performance, website and internet usage, and applications.
List and review of the top 10 Application Performance Monitoring Tools (APM Tools) available in the market. Track website or any application performance 

Social Media Analysis

Social media analysis is the process of collecting the most valuable data from your social media channels and drawing actionable conclusions. … Social media analysis is based on the data you already have – from your previous posts, interactions with your followers, earlier social media campaigns, and so on.
Taking steps to understand your audience using social data can help you in so many ways. For example, analyzing your past posts can help you find your unique best time to share. Timing is an important part of social media marketing. … Some social networks let you do this easily through their built-in analytics.

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SEO Testing

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SEO Analysis

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