Reputation Management

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is the process of identifying what other people are saying or feeling about you or your business; and taking steps to ensure that the general consensus is in line with your goals. Many people and organizations use various forms of social media to monitor their reputation.
Specifically, reputation management involves the monitoring of the reputation of an individual or a brand on the internet, addressing content which is potentially damaging to it, and using customer feedback to try to solve problems before they damage the individual’s or brand’s reputation.
Social media reputation management is the process of tracking, monitoring and ultimately eliminating negative social media material about your brand to improve your name or standing. If done properly, social media reputation management builds your credibility to customers, which strengthens their trust in your brand.Nov 9, 2016
What Reputation Management
Reputation Management

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Why is Reputation Management Important?

A good reputation management can easily help a business to gain trust. Hence, positive reviews can lead potential customers to trust the business even more. A good reputation means that the business is more credible than their competitors.Aug 13, 2018

Why Do You Need Reputation Management?

Truly fair reputation management pricing for effective services tends to be somewhere in the middle for most people. Reputation management costs for a solid campaign will come out to around $5,000-$15,000, and the campaign will typically last several months to a year.

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