15 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO

Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO

Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO
Today, we are living in a modern world. The style of life has been changed. We live in very different style now. Our ways communication has been developed as we talk each other by watch no matter how far someone is. Travelling is much easy as we can go miles away in just some hours.

Millions of numbers are calculated in just a time of seconds. Hospitality has been advanced as people can even change their face by medical treatment. Like all these one thing is also achieved advancement and that is Business.

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Today businesses are converted to digital business. Tasks and meetings are now fulfilled online. Opportunities are way too easy to gain at the platform of Internet.

But with the time there are many people converted their work online and a competition has occurred. The competition is to be higher and seen more on the internet to people. The question is how to be upper and seen more than others? The answer is be the most searched one by using the formula of SEO. Let’s take a tour and see, what are the ways to optimize your website for SEO? 15 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO

Create Content for Targeted Audience

There are 2 types of audience. Number one, those who will come and just check some things and tap back. They are just window shopper. Number two, those which are really in need of your presented data and they are trying to find some reliable source for searching.

These people are the main source of your website. They will be connected with your website in order to get updates related with them. Now your duty is to keep them connected by fulfilling their needs. For example if we visit History.com and try to search any technical machine like TV.

There will be history of TV but not technical one. You will just few lines of some technical data but the article will keep the audience connected with physical history. They do it because their audience are here for physical history rather than technical history.

Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO

Give your audience a friendly environment

Suppose that you have a website and the visitors are from all over the world. All the people have various requirements and interests. You have uploaded all the data on your website and create options for them to reach them. There is only one screen at a time in front of your audience. This screen has to convey all the data to your audience. 15 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO

The question is, how it will look like. If someone visits your website and he or she is confused with all the information like the reading article, your Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram links, advertisements, joining your website link and other links that means, your screen is not user friendly.

For friendly environment you have manage your screen, colors you use, photos and typography of the page. It will bring more audience to your website and make it comfortable for them.

Optimization for Mobile Phone

The modern worlds has modern tools to use. Mobile phone is one that may be mostly used by your audience for reaching to your website. There could an application of your website but is it friendly on the screen of some inches? Your audience always want to work with comfort. So this is also a duty to make your smaller view should designed better in order to gain more audience. 15 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO

Content Quality

No matter how good looking your website is and how much services you are providing if the quality of your content is not good, you will lose the visitors. Content is the thing for which all the things you have done. The visitor has to read what less and powerful words.

You have to use most searched words and with better explanation. One thing is, good content helps you to generate back links (Further discussed). These links can brings visitors from other website to yours. Content may contains written work, infographics, photos and links.

This will also help in your competition with other in your industry. Sometime people just visit your site and see photos and tap back so, these infographics and pictures are the content for those.

Use Internal Links

If a visitor clicks at your domain and reach at one of your article then he moves back that means he did not touch that vast work you have done for him or her. Creating Internal Links is a trick for that. It is one of the famous habit of Wikipedia. 15 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO

These links will lead your visitors to the specific article or page of your website which could more interested for them. Another benefit of internal link is it increases the views of pages. It will also help you for increasing page rank and improve time of the traffic on your website.

Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO

Meta Description

Meta Description means that 2 lines that can be seen under the blue line of your website when it is searched on Google. Sometimes people just read these lines and try to judge the remaining content. Sometimes these two lines bring the visitor to your place. By applying attractive lines in starting of the article will be very beneficial for your website. In 2017 Google increased the words of Meta Description from 160 to 275. Try to make it short and attractive so it will help you to convert the searcher into the visitor. 15 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO

Schema Markup

Schema Markup is one of the additional information you set in your HTML portion. This additional information will help your site to for good presentation and increase the chances of visits. It will also help your website to be higher on search engine.

For example if there is a match going on and your website is covering it live and proving scores in written. The question is how a searcher will know that? The answer is Schema Markup will present the scores at the page search page that will make the person to click and come to your website.

Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO

Tagged Images

It is true that by searching and clicking on website is most normal way to reach any website but not always the visitor reach from this way. There may be other ways that leads one person towards your place. One of them is the section of Google images. Some visitors come from images even just for images. It also helps to provide more information in less time. A research shows that 80 percent of people more likely to read the content which has images.

Now let’s discuss how to use images for your website in order to earn visitors.

First thing first, you image should be relevant with the content and should be in high quality. If the image does not match with the content or presenting a lot of information and your content is here to define just one line which is between somewhere of that picture then it will confuse the person and he or she will switch. Like this if the quality of image is not good, there are also chances that you will lose people. Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO

Remember that, you have to use the quality which is needed there. If you use much high quality then your page will take time to load the data. It will put the bad impression to your audience.

Another things is you have check the name. This is also counted your written work. Try to use SEO word as file so it will be searched more. For example if you are providing an exercise tools set so the file should be Brand-Workouttools.jpg. Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO
One of the way to tell the Search Engine about your image is to use alt tags. Most people does not see that but search engine do.

The text is important because sometimes it takes time to load the image. Then there will be just bold text that show what this image is about?
Try to use your own images. If you download images from somewhere so the page will take time to load and at time of many visitors your website’s server could be fall down. If you want work riskless then come with your own quality and related pictures.

15 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO

Domain Names

One of the most effective tool is your domain. The name you choose for your website will impact all other things of your website. One can judge the whole website by just knowing the word you used to name all of your hard work. It will also help you to get higher on search engine.

There are 2 types of domain. Number one is branding domain and number two is keywords domain. Let’s take a short survey of them.

Branding domain

The domain you will use for your website should be the name of your brand so that the people can find you easily. For example Apple is a brand and domain is Apple.com. A strong domain means people more likely to visit again and your name will be remembered like alibaba.com. You also gain trust and credibility from people.

Keywords Domain

it is an alternative way of taking domain. You can use the keywords of your business or services for your website name. for example if you are a taxi driver and making a website for online pick and drop service then you can use pickmeup.com as your domain name.

There are some notable things that needs to be cared. One thing is the nature of domain name is directly opposite to the password of any account you set. As for strong password one has to make it long unlike this the domain should be short to be strong.

Another thing is domains should not be look like spam. The famous domains like .com, .org, .net are more likely to be trust worthy. Avoid misspell word as it may seem creative but it is not. Use simple and memorable words so that people can easily find and understand them. Do not use short words like using of Ph.com instead of photography.com, 15 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO


All of the articles contain a bold line that is ever first seen by every visitor that arrives at your website. Headline plays an important for SEO of your website. This one line describes the all of your content.

If it is impactful so probably it will take the reader to remaining content. It also tells search engine that the requirement of searcher is matching with at my link. Some normal things that one should use for a grabbing headline. Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO

Try to use common words that are more likely be heard by everyone normally. These words will make your headline understandable. For example City election, Crime on Road, Rainy Day
You have to use proper names of everything you are talking about there. Proper names of people, places, brands and organizations. 15 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO

It will help you to be searched more
No matter how much a person is famous you have to use full personal name which include first and last name of that particular person. Print media has their own style and they just used last name. You are working under the umbrella of SEO and you have to use full names in the headlines.

It will increase the chances of being searched.
Try to put a unique information there so that people do not find them anywhere else.


Open the comment section for everyone that want to comment and have word on your article. This is also keep you updated that people at least are visiting. 15 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO

Also answer the question asked in comments as so that it will give a good impression on visitors. Try to keep an eye on negative comments and delete them as soon you see them. Your profile will be cleared and positive.

Above are some ways of optimizing your website for SEO. Working and smart working are the keys of success. So, try to influence people and you will have good results.